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April 7, 2019

Yoga is pure magic.

But it isn’t all namaste and savasana.

If you’ve practiced yoga regularly for a while, you’ve probably started to notice some pretty funny things happening to your personality. And even though you are supposed to be a zen goddess you might have even started to see that some things annoy the f*ck out of you… Don’t worry you aren’t the only judgey yogi on the block.

And you aren’t the only one that has become obsessed with it either.

Here are a few things that us yogis can come together on.

  1. When there’s no spot open because you got into class late and you want to karate chop the person next to you.
  2. Not being able to get your Zen on when you arrived early to class because of some chatty kathy’s.
  3. Having to borrow a mat because you forgot yours. Barf. That warm smell of strangers sweat will certainly change the way you breath today.
  4. Accidentally farting in class.
  5. The advanced person who decides to not go with the flow. You can make your body a pretzel, cool, but it’s rude and distracting to us underacheivers.
  6. Alternatively, the one person who doesn’t know what’s happening and is asking your questions.
  7. Having no control over buying a pair of $90 yoga pants. You will be more responsible tomorrow.
  8. The overwhelming and sudden need to go into a pose at the grocery store.
  9. Jealous of another person’s mat…