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January 27, 2019

A billionaire is using his money for good — by paying off a university’s entire graduating class’s student loans!

Via NBC News

During his commencement speech at Morehouse College, an all-male HBCU in Atlanta, Vista Equities founder and CEO Robert F. Smith announced that he would pay off student loans — for all 400 graduating seniors. Of course, we shouldn’t have loan debt at all, but as long as it persists let’s be thankful for Smith’s generous $40 million donation.

2.There’s a laundry truck helping homeless people in LA wash their clothes for free

The Laundry Truck LA is a super cute powder blue truck fitted with washers and dryers so homeless people can have access to the dignity and comfort clean clothes provide. The project was started by the DOLAN clothing company and is partially funded by Clorox.

3.Elementary schoolers are helping out the planet — and each other — by saving bottle caps

Students at Twin Oaks Elementary School in Rocklin, California have spent 3 years collecting over 50,000 bottle caps. Not only have they saved 250 pounds of plastic from the dump, but they’re using the caps for a project.

The school’s principal, Sarah James, came up with the idea of making a “buddy bench” from the recycled bottle caps. The bench will be a place where a student can sit if they’re feeling sad and lonely so that a friend can sit by them and comfort them.

We love the idea of turning old bottles into new friendships!

4.A 7-year-old advocated for sea turtles … and won!

Benjamin Ball was disappointed when he found out that the L.L. Bean store in his hometown of Freeport, Maine carried plastic straws, because he knows that they can be dangerous for sea turtles and bad for the environment. So he wrote a letter asking L.L. Bean to switch to paper straws instead.

The CEO, Steve Smith, listened, and now L.L. Bean is switching over to biodegradable corn straws.

If one seven-year-old’s letter can change an entire company’s policy, what can’t we accomplish if we put our minds to it?

5.Elementary school students surprised their janitor with a whole day celebrating him.

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When John Lockett retired from his 12-year stint as a janitor at Sand Hill Elementary School in Georgia, he didn’t expect much. But the students had other plans in store for him. They surprised him by putting together “Mr. John Day”, complete with presents, a parade, and a crown for Mr. John.

The effort brought Lockett to tears, and capped off his career of working to help the students beautifully.

6. A Greek man has single-handedly rescued more than 1,000 stray dogs over the past 6 years.

It was at a garbage dump in Crete that former nightclub owner Theoklatis “Takis” Proestakis began his mission of helping dogs. When he saw a dog in bad shape roaming around the dump, he couldn’t sit idly by — he took it to the vet for treatment.

Since that day, he’s continued caring for dogs at the dump, feeding them and making sure they get the medical attention they need. Despite local complaints, he’s bought a piece of land for the dogs to live on and spent over $185,000 on better their lives.

His enormous mission to help animals has garnered him a lot of attention online, and now his operation is run almost entirely on donations.

You can see what Takis is up to and see some seriously adorable dog pictures on his Facebook page. This happened

7.A 4th-grader with autism stood up in front of his class to talk about it — and they embraced him with open arms

When Lisa Moe had her classroom do an activity for National Autism Awareness Month in April, she had no idea how real things were about to get. One of her students, a boy named Rumari, stood up and told the class about his experiences with autism. He told students who might not have known about his condition before that he is autistic, and even invited them to try one of the coping mechanisms he uses.

When Rumari opened the floor for questions, he was surprised to receive hugs and wholehearted support from his classmates.

You can watch Rumari’s speech and his classmates’ response on Miss Moe’s Instagram.

8. In wake of abortion bans, Travis Scott has pledged to donate profits from all of his Hangout Fest merch to Planned Parenthood

Hangout Fest took place in Alabama, one of the states that recently passed a bill heavily limiting abortion in the state. Travis Scott was one of many celebrities (including Rihanna) who spoke out against the ban, and his decision to donate to Planned Parenthood is a beautiful example of a celebrity using their platform for good. Scientists have discovered a way to break down plastic trash using marine microbes

More than two thirds of ocean litter is plastic, but scientists have discovered a microbe that eats away at certain types of plastic, slowly breaking it down over time.

One microbiome won’t fix everything, but it’s a step toward a healthier planet. Thanks, science!

9. A sherpa scaled Mount Everest twice in one week!

Kami Rita Sherpa has actually climbed Everest twenty-four times, so doing it twice in one week was no big deal for him — although it did break his own personal record. He’s been leading tours up the mountain and plans to keep doing it until he can’t anymore.

We’ll be cheering him on from our snack dust-covered couch.

10. This 102-year-old grandma rode a horse for the very first time

Grandma Riggs fulfilled her birthday wish to ride a horse with a little help from a local stables. Watch the video of her wild ride here.

11. A DNA test helped a mother and daughter reunite after 70 years apart

Beth Pullen is now 90, and when her granddaughter pulled up DNA results connecting her to a 70-year-old woman named Lynne Wray, she knew instantly that it was the daughter she’d given up for adoption years before.

The two had a tearful, joyous reunion, and are excited to spend time together now that they’ve reconnected.